Helpful Travel Tips When Embarking On Luxury Indian Tours

Even if the point of your upcoming trip to India is to partake in some heritage or wellness experiences, it is important that you are prepared for the style of tour you have booked. We have compiled this list of tips to ensure that your holiday is as enjoyable as possible; it is important that you take note of as many as possible, as you will (most likely) be travelling in unfamiliar territory.

  • Physicality -

    Consider the amount of physical activity that you are likely to be involved in. You will probably be doing a lot of walking, as the tours are designed to showcase the very best of the city you are visiting, and wellness experiences may include yoga. Ensure that you are in good physical condition before leaving.
  • Activities –

    Consider the types of activities that you are likely to partake in. You might spend hours wandering around ancient temples, you might find yourself on the back of an elephant or camel, or you might spend most of the day in a bus. It is important that you are dressed suitably and have appropriate footwear for all activities.
  • Budget –

    Consider how much money you can reasonably afford to spend during your tour, then make sure you stick to it. Don’t spend more than you can afford and don’t spend all of your budget within the first few days; you ability to enjoy the experience will be severely impaired if you have debt hanging over your head.
  • Research –

    This is another fear of travellers; your motorcycle slowly putters to a stop and the rest of the tour disappears into the distance without you. If this happens, ask for directions to the nearest shop or even house where fuel is available. Please be aware that it will cost you a small fortune.
  • Insurance –

    Consider travel insurance before embarking on your Indian holiday, as this could really be a lifesaver. It will cover you in the event that your luggage is misplaced or stolen, that you are become ill or are involved in an accident, and that some sort of disaster occurs. Don’t forego insurance in a bid to save money!
    Regardless of whether you have booked a heritage or a wellness experience for your next Indian getaway, it is important that you heed each of the tips we have provided above. This will ensure that your tour runs as smoothly as possible, that you receive the kind of holiday you were after, and that everyone is one the same page. Your tour company will always be happy to help!